What type of can openers do you get

When a person is looking for a can opener there are many different types that they can use in their home. While all of them are effective some can openers are easier to use than others. Please feel free to find out more at kitchen finders.

 Single Wheel Can Opener

This can opener will allow you to open a can and there will be a smooth finish on the edges. There are magnets on the can opener that will hold it in place for security and the wheels when turned will cut through the lip. The can opener is placed on the lid that is going to be opened and it is turned to active the wheels. This does not require a lot of force or pressure. When wondering what type of can openers do you get this is a good choice for someone that wants to open a can with ease.

 Claw Shaped Can Opener

This type of can opener is also known as the lever type can opener. This was one of the earliest designs in can openers but many people like it and you can still purchase it today. This can opener has a large curved blade that looks like a claw. The blade has guards on it to keep it from getting too deep in the can. This can opener will take a little more work to open. The claw is used to puncture the can and then the sickle part is inserted into the can and will be able to saw at the edges. The edges will be very sharp so be very careful when using this can opener.

 Bunker Can Opener

This is another common can opener that many people have around their home. The bunker on this opener will be able to grip onto the can. You will then turn the key like the feature that will rotate the wheels. This will turn around the can and open the lid. The wheels will do the cutting. This can opener may take a little effort to use once they begin to get old.

 Electric Can Opener

Many people like this type of can opener because they do not have to do any twisting or turning. The electric can opener grips to the can use magnets. You will then need to hold the can in place and once you turn the can opener on it will rotate the can and open the lid. The wheels will rip open the lid and the top of the can will stick to the magnet. The edges can be a little sharp so it is important to be careful when removing the lid. This is one of the easiest can openers to use but will need to be plugged into an electrical outlet to work.

These are some of the can openers that you can buy today. Some are easier to use than others but all of them will be able to open a can. The type of can opener that you decide on will be based on personal preference.