The Most Advanced Technology in Maintaining Zero Percent Pet Hair at Home

For all the pet owners out there, read this wonderful news!

Cleaning pet hair around your house now can be easier and faster. All you have to do is invest in the most advanced vacuum cleaner for pet hair, the IRobot Roomba 980.

The iRobot is creating a remarkable feat in the home cleaning industry. This equipment is a modern version of the traditional vacuum cleaners. It features a robotic design that offers optimal performance as well as functionality in cleaning. The iRobot Roomba is your best solution in keeping your home a healthy and clean environment for the family.

Defining Quality and Modernity in IRobot Roomba 980

There is no denying that iRobot is one of the most intelligent and impressive robotic vacuums to date. It is a product of quality and advanced technology rolled into one. Since the first Roomba series, the iRobot 980 is one of the best modern technologies for pet hair cleaning the market has witnessed.

This product is the talk of various online review sites of pet hair vacuums. The Pet Hair Patrol, one of the most reliable sources of well-known brands of pet hair vacuums, highly praises the benefits of using Roomba 980. Moreover, pet owners with experience using this product say that iRobot is a must-have home cleaning device.

You can read more about them here at the official website of Pet Hair Patrol.

What makes IRobot the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair?

#1 Connectivity Options

The IRobot Roomba 980 is hands-free and self-sufficient cleaning equipment. It features Wi-Fi connectivity so you can control the item without being physically around.

The Roomba 980 comes with a user-friendly app that is compatible with an Android operating system, smartphones, and iPhones. You can navigate the device and guarantee that every surface around your home is thoroughly cleaned using this app.

#2 Offers a Full-size Vacuum Performance

The IRobot vacuum is small, but it can perform similarly to a traditional vacuum. It can clean standard sized rooms without emptying the dirt cup frequently. It also detects dirt and sucks different particles from dust, allergens to pet hair.

#3 HEPA Filter

One of the most significant features that you have to check on a vacuum cleaner is the filter system of the equipment.

The HEPA filter is composed of layers of carbon that absorbs dirt and allergens. Likewise, such filtration system eradicates foul odors on various surfaces.

The Roomba 980 features a HEPA filtration system.

#4 Small Size

The IRobot is small enough to pass under furniture. Furthermore, it can clean all types of surfaces from carpets to floors. It avoids all kinds of obstacles systematically. Thus, this item can work unattended.

#5 Battery Life

Cleaning equipment such as this operates on battery. The Roomba 980 can run up to 2 hours in a non-stop work. It can clean 190sqm in a single cleaning cycle. However, you’ll have to charge the equipment for 3 hours to use again.

Smart cleaning equipment such as Roomba 980 is a fantastic investment. If you are looking for solutions on how to remove pet hair effortlessly, the iRobot Roomba 980 series is your best shot.