The Healing Body

It is almost halfway done with 2019.

Do you still remember your New Year’s Resolution? With the increasing focus on health and fitness, more likely than not, making healthier lifestyle choices was a part of your list.

The Health & Fitness Industry is a behemoth of the modern times. Globally, it is estimated to generate more than 80 billion U.S. dollars in yearly revenue. The span and influence of the industry is readily apparent to the most casual onlooker. All you have to do is take the briefest of glances at any of the most popular social media platforms and you will be inundated with glossy, perfectly curated images of the latest fitness and health trend. The latest and greatest of Health and Fitness product trends are enthusiastically endorsed by big name Hollywood celebrities and rising social media influencers alike.

Weight Training is one of the most popular and enduring trends in Health and Fitness. This is a fitness trend that can trace its roots way back to the revered traditions of the most powerful cultures of the ancient world. Countless murals from ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece depict weight training practices and objects.

How Weight Training works is pretty straightforward. It makes use of gravity by way of weighted equipment to counter the forces generated by concentric and eccentric contractions. There is another offshoot of weight training which is known as Bodyweight Training. It functions in pretty much the same way the only difference is that in Bodyweight Training no equipment is needed.

Weight Training and Bodyweight Training are proven and effective work outs for increasing strength and flexibility. However, at times in one’s haste to reach their fitness goals they tend to overdo exercises and end up pushing their bodies beyond its limits. There is this dangerous way of thinking that the more repetitions you push yourselves to complete in the soonest possible time, the more value you get out of your work out. It is believed that it will help you accomplish your health and fitness goals all that sooner.  It seems some have forgotten the value of allowing their body to rest.

In the quest for stronger and healthier bodies you can instead cause muscle damage to your body. Hopefully this will give you that much needed pause to re-evaluate your journey to your fitter and healthier selves.

In this this post:, this will explain the importance of giving your body the much needed time to recuperate. This post will give you a better understanding of what happens to your body when you put it through your favourite weight training exercises. More importantly it will give you a clear picture of why you need to give your body time to rest and how this time of rest and proper nutrition contributes to healthy muscle growth.

The post: will become your personal wake up call to look at the bigger picture when planning your fitness and health goals. It will help you understand that there are other factors at play beyond the number or repetitions and the heaviness of the stacked weights.