Scooter helmet buying guide

Riding a motorbike or scooter can be fun especially during your free time. You can decide to ride alone or join touring groups but riding demands that you have the right protective gears. The helmet is one of the protective apparatus you must wear once you decide to ride since you should keep your head safe in case of an accident. In some countries riding without a helmet is a traffic offense that might take you to jail for some months or pay hefty fines. It’s essential to buy the helmet that will offer the best protection while riding and that will make you feel comfortable on your scooter or motorbike. Here is Scooter helmet safety guide that will help you buy the best quality cool motorcycle helmets.


Types of helmets.

There are different types of helmets on the market, and you need first to know your preference and the type you need to purchase. The helmet types include;

  • Dual sport helmets
  • Modular helmets
  • Open face helmets
  • Half shell helmet
  • Full face helmets

What to guide you when buying the helmet?

The helmet is not something you just go and pic from the shops, you need to understand some aspects which will help you buy the best helmet for you. Here are some of the fundamental issues you should put in consideration before deciding which helmet to buy.

What do you intend to do with the helmet?

Are you planning to ride a lot or just for road trips and short distances like going to work only? What you do with your helmet should guide in purchasing the helmet that is comfortable and protects you well. In case you know you ride for long distances then higher end helmets will be useful to reduce wind strength and noise.

Once you ride in groups, then you have to buy the helmet with the in-built communication device or that can enable you to install blue tooth device. Communication is vital when riding in a group thus not every helmet has communication specification.

What features do you need?

The make of a helmet influences many factors such as comfort, weight, price and safety ratings thus you need to purchase the helmet with specifications of your choice. Majority of helmet brands come from different materials like;

  • Polycarbonate which is somehow cheaper and flexes while absorbing energy.
  • Carbon fiber which is very expensive and light.
  • Fiberglass composite helmets which are most costly in the market.
  • EPS material which absorbs shock and is compressed inside the inner shell of the helmet.

Also consider the weight of the helmet, comfort provisions and any other additional safety specifications the helmet may have hence bought the one that satisfies your needs.

Helmet safety ratings

Ensure you buy a helmet with excellent safety ratings from a public body, the helmets have stickers that show the scores, but alternatively, you can do your research on the internet. The safety rating bodies include;

  • DOT –The United States Department of Transportation which gives helmets ratings after verifying the protective features.
  • ECE22.05 –The U.N Economic Commission and sets protective standards for helmets in Europe.
  • Snell (M2015) –the non-profit body in the United States which also rates the helmet safety.

Enjoying riding either in groups or going for road trip alone you need to have the best helmet that guarantees you safety on your journey. Following the above Scooter helmet safety guide will make it easy for you to buy a quality cool motorcycle helmets that will give you value for your money.