Samick Sage Product Review: The Type of Recurve Bow that You Should Buy

Recurve bow is one of the simplest, yet effective bows that you’ll find in the market today; and when it comes to recurve bows, the Samick Sage recurve bow is one of the trusted, durable, and powerful of its kind.

If you are new to archery and looking for the best recurve bow to start with, Samick Sage is one of the best choices; in fact, it is one of the most popular recurve bows, specially designed for beginners.

The following are its key specifications and the pros and cons of choosing Samick Sage over other brands of recurve bows in the market today;

Product Specifications:

Draw weight: 25 lbs., 30 lbs., 35 lbs., 40 lbs., 45 lbs., 50 lbs., 55 lbs., 60 lbs.
Brace height: 7.5 to 8.25 inches
Total bow weight: 3.4 lbs.
AMO bow length: 62 inches

•    Made from laminated hard maple and black fiberglass coating
•    Innovatively designed as very durable with limbs that do not twist
•    Designed with reinforced tips on Phenolic plastic for easy upgrades on strings

•    Made from laminated hard maple and olive dymondwood
•    Designed with a comfortable hand grip
•    Designed with easy tuning
•    Can be used with all types of arrows
•    Designed as resilient and durable
Available bows: The Samick Sage is available with both left and right-handed
Price: Affordable

Product Features:

When you purchase Samick Sage, you’ll discover these following notable features:

•    Designed with pre-installed brass bushings for stabilizer, brass plunger, quiver, and sight
•    Designed with Arrow Rest and B-50 Bow String
•    Designed to extend draw length up to 29 inches (as recommended)
•    The hard maple with black fiberglass limbs is designed with Tapered Knob and Metal Limb Pocket.


•    Best recurve bow for your money (affordable)
•    The traditional look of Samick Sage is touched with modern and quality materials.
•    Powerful for a simple-looking bow
•    Ideally designed for beginners


  • The Samick Sage’s simple look overpowers its potential in terms of target shooting and even bows hunting activities.

Is Samick Sage recurve bow good for hunting?

Technically, most of the recurve bows are designed for target shooting practice; however, there are good versions of recurve bow that you can use for hunting. For instance, Samick Sage with a draw weight of 40-60 lbs. is ideal for this course of activity, which can give you a perfect shot of any livestock, even a deer, at a 30-yard far; all you need to remember is the bigger the target, the heavier the draw weight you should choose. The only drawback is the heavier the draw weight, the more challenging it is for beginners to use.

So, why choose Samick Sage?

There are a lot of good reasons to choose Samick Sage recurve bow and one of these good reasons is because Samick makes some of the best recurve bows for your money.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a beginner, you should really choose Samick Sage recurve bow.