Popular FAQs on Stair Lifts

Have you heard more and more people talking about how pleased they are with the choice of investing money in a stair lift and you are now thinking about making such an investment as well? We think that the choice of spending money on a stair lift if you are an elderly person or simply someone suffering from a disease or condition causing disability or mobility problems is simply great. Your life will be significantly improved and you’ll enjoy increased independence and safety. A lot of people have chosen not to move to nursing homes for the elderly anymore simply because a stair lift changed their lives; you can be one of these people as well.

If, however, you feel that you still have a lot of questions regarding stair lifts, we have put together a list of common FAQs; just check them out and you’ll receive lots of answers. Here they are.

  1. How much do they cost? Well, the price range is quite vast and it depends on the type of stair lift that you opt for (straight or curved) and on the types of features that the stair lift comes with. Anyways, stair lifts don’t represent a huge investment and considering that a nursing home can cost even several thousands of dollars a month, they won’t cost more than a month or two spent at the nursing home.
  2. Is financing possible? Yes, most companies that produce stair lifts also accept financing. You can use a service such as a home improvement loan, for example, as it is widely accepted.
  3. Most stair lifts are powered by electricity. What happens if the power goes out? Well, those that are powered by electricity also have a backup battery.
  4. Do they work outside? Some of the models now on the market only work indoors but there are a few that can be used outside as well. You just have to find them and the professionals at Ride With Ease can help you with that.
  5. Is the speed adjustable? For safety reasons, most stair lift producers only one, quite slow speed.
  6. What if I spend a lot of money on the stair lift and it doesn’t it my staircase? Stair lift producers have especially designed their products to easily work with any type of indoor stair case. When you decide on a model and a company, the company will surely send an expert to your home to take measurements. Basically, each stair lift is custom designed.
  7. Can the stair lift be moved? Of course. As long as the rail in your new home fits the rail of the stair case in the old house, then the stair lift can easily be moved.

We hope that we covered most of the questions around stair lifts that you might have. If you still feel like you have some unanswered questions, please turn your attention towards the Ride With Ease official website and the experts there will make sure to help you.