Braun MultiQuick Hand Blender Review

This revolutionary blender incorporates ACTIVEBlade technology with a shaft that moves the blade up and down. This movement facilitates effortless chopping of coconut, ginger, chocolate, nuts and all other hard ingredients.

The shaft is made for the toughest blending job, and the shaft movement increases the cutting surface which results in finer blending. The Braun MultiQuick Hand Blender is known for its multi-functionality and high-quality work. This blender will revolutionize your blending experience. Let’s look at the functionality of the Braun MultiQuick Hand Blender Review.

No splashes whatsoever!

This awesome blender uses SPLASHControl technology that prevents splashing of contents making your blending experience free from mess. Your kitchen will remain spotless after you use this blender. The SmoothStart feature prevents jolting on startup.

Extra blade for extra blending power

With an extra blade, this blender does more slicing per rotation. Blending large pieces of ingredients is done faster and with less effort.

Flexible speed selection

This unique machine uses Smart Speed technology to deliver the best blending experience. There are no pre-programmed speed settings, and you get to set the speed based on the results you want. A squeeze of a button easily adjusts the speed. A gentle push of the button gives you a coarse blend while a stronger force delivers more power and therefore finer results.

High-powered blender

You can challenge this Hand Blender with any of the hard foods, and it will still function with ease. Do you want to blend hardest-to-cut ingredients? This should be your blender of choice. Its superpower will always come through for you.


This blender has a wide range of functionalities. The coffee and spice grinder accessory will grind your coffee beans for perfect results. It can also grind your spices into a fine substance for the perfect cooking experience. The stainless steel bowl will not pick up any odors from the contents, and you are therefore free to use the blender with different ingredients at different times without worrying about mixed odors.

This machine will also chop, blend, shred and slice French fries using the food processor accessory. You can also do kneading with it. It is also the perfect blender for smoothies and offers a convenient way to crush ice.

You can chop and mincemeats, cheese, onions, and vegetables within seconds using this awesome chopper accessory. You can also use the masher to prepare the perfect mashed potatoes or mash cooked veggies into a fine paste.

The whisk accessory can be used for whipping cream and beating eggs. Mixing cakes and making desserts has never been easier.

Durability and ease of use

This hand blender is not only designed for aesthetics but also durability and convenience. Its German engineering tools are sturdy and easy to use. The accessories can be used intuitively and with excellent results. You will get to use this blender every day, for many years, while always getting great results. It can be operated using a single hand. This is one of the best blenders available in the market.