A Toilet You Can Trust

Your comfort room is one of the most important parts of your home. It could determine the state of hygiene and even your health. This is the place where you do the most personal things in your life yet this is often overlooked as it is the most obscure place in the public. Lots of people invest more in the furniture or entertainment appliances but bathroom essentials should be equally important as well. A typical bathroom contains a shower, a bathtub, and mirror and toilet bowl; but for parents adding a kid toilet seat for their young ones is a required addition.

Typical potty training requires also a specialized seat. One dilemma that the parents encounter is the lack of space to accommodate this extra. Advancement in a competitive market in this type of industry has produced a toilet seat with child seat attached on it. It is an integrated toilet seat for parents who wants an extra seat for their child’s potty training but also wants to save space in their specific bathroom.


In Project For Home, you will find valuable information in regards to your needs when it comes to home necessities; in this case, the best toilet seat. In their website, they have published articles about the said toilet seat. It listed the top five best toilet seats with child seat attached to guide all the parents out there.

1. Elongated Toilet Seat

First product is the elongated toilet seat with child seat attached. It has a built-in child seat which has chrome hinges and security bumpers attached under the seat to prevent any discomfort such as pinching. It was made and constructed from hand sanded wood that is also stained in a high gloss coating to ensure parents that all the materials used in production of the said items are of high quality. Also, to give ease to those who purchase this, the product comes with three year warranty.

2. Round Princess Toilet Seat

Next up is the round princess toilet seat with child seat attached. The princess theme could add extra fun for your kid’s potty training. It is made of timber and also finished in high gloss white paint with child seat attached to it. It also has three year warranty. The seat is attached with magnets to the cover; this will ensure extra safety. Its chrome joints have a slow close feature to prevent any sudden close accident prone in early potty training stage.

3. Delta LED Toilet Seat

Another top practical option is the Delta LED toilet seat. The best thing about this product is it has built-in LED light that acts as safety evening light. The connected seat for potty training is removable to give convenience when it comes to cleaning it. It also has a slow close feature as well to avoid finger pinching. It is best for parents who specifically finds a child friendly toilet seat that could accommodate not just day but also for the night of potty training.

Looking for the best toilet seat for your children during their potty training days may be challenging. With the help of ProjectForHome.com, you might be able to feel at ease sooner that you expect. Visit their website for more detailed information and give your children the comfort that they need.