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Wellness; looking good, feeling good, and being in the right mental state

The human body is a complex composite of different systems that work together for the wellbeing of the individual. Within the body there are several crucial systems that include systems such as the cardiovascular system, the respiratory

The worldwide issue of joblessness and finding solutions in alternative jobs

Countries around the world today are struggling with the issue of joblessness among the people. The issue mainly stems from the fact that today the population has grown to very great numbers whereas the available job opportunities

Mortuary science is not a preserve for men; women can equally perform as well as men

The world is changing pretty fast. Gone are the times when some careers were set aside for a specific gender. Careers that were male dominated are now experiencing an influx of women who are equally performing well

It was easy finding a career in marine biology, thanks to my passion for marine life

I often wondered how I wanted to spend my adult life. My father was a professional gunsmith, a trade that he had been doing for more than twenty years. I occasionally helped him in the shop when

My path towards choosing aeronautical engineering as a career

I had been struggling just like most of the kids do in finding the right career for venturing into for my future.  When my grandfather was alive, he used to tell me that I would make a

Deciding to study veterinary medicine after the death of my favorite pet

When I was growing up, I wanted to venture into petroleum engineering. My dad was a petroleum engineer and he encouraged me to follow in his steps. I was enthusiastic about becoming an engineer since I had

Reviewing geology and its various career options

The in-depth study of materials that make up the earth, the composition of these materials and all the processes that act upon these materials is known as geology. Geology is a wide subject that includes the study